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Shopping with Helmet City is 100% Safe & Secure!

You can be confident that shopping with Helmet City is completely safe. We take Internet Security and your online safety very seriously.

All information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will NOT be sold, rented, re-used, loaned or disclosed.
When personal information is entered, the data is encrypted using an SSL by Geotrust on a secure connection, which means that the data cannot be viewed by a third party at any time during transmission.

When a padlock is visible in the bottom right of your web browser, it means you are in secure mode – make sure this is the case on ANY website you use!

Once in secure mode, all your details are encrypted for increased security.  

We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for all orders placed – this prevents you from inadvertently revealing any personal information.

We use your card details to process your orders and we will ask for them for every order placed. They are NOT stored by Helmet city in any way.

The three digit card signature code will be required to place an order – this ensures that your card cannot be misused and combined with Bank Verification, online shopping with Helmet City is safe for everyone.

For information on the Helmet City Privacy Policy, click here.